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Design Build Contractors In Walnut Creek

Our local design build company handles remodeling projects from the ground up. We provide all necessary services, including architecture, engineering, interior design, permit and plan approval, and construction. Whether you have a small remodeling project in mind or need something more complex, such as a new addition, our team of professionals and tradespeople can see it through to completion.  

We begin the process by customizing a package for you. Next, we’ll analyze the details of the project and create a timeline. We will break up the timeline into stages and assign professionals and tradespeople to each step.  

We will also assign a project manager to oversee the project. The manager has two critical roles. First, he must coordinate with the team members to ensure that the project moves forward as it should. Second, he will also serve as your point of contact and provide you with updates, so you can stay abreast of the progress.

Architecture & Engineering

Our in-house architects and engineers allow us to bring ideas to life. With more than 15 years of experience, they understand the importance of creativity and problem-solving in remodeling and new construction projects. Our efficiently-created plans allow our clients to save money, which they can use at other stages of the project, such as buying high-quality materials.

While some companies have architects and engineers work independently, we have our architects, engineers, builders, and designers work as a team. This allows each team member to complement the other and provide the most efficient and effective services.

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The Interior Design Stage

Your teams is assigned one to two interior designers, depending on the size of the of the project. Interior design is a four-step process.

  1. You will meet with the designers to discuss your ideas for the project. They will also provide professional input in a way that incorporates your style and vision.
  2. After deciding on the theme, the designers will visit a local showroom with you to look at materials. The materials will not be ordered during this stage, though.
  3. The designers will create a 3D rendering of the design that includes the materials you’ve selected. You can request adjustments to the rendering if you wish.
  4. The designers will submit the 3D rendering for final approval. Then, our design build contractors will assist in ordering the selected materials.

Permitting and Plan Approval

As a design build contractor we ensure that all plans meet the local building codes and regulations. We will submit the paperwork to get approval for the plans. in addition to handling the entire permit process.

If the city has any additional requests, such as special inspections, we will handle those as well. We don’t believe our clients should be bogged down with paperwork, so we take care of everything. This also speeds up the process since we understand what the city and county governments expect with remodeling and construction projects.


After approving the plans, ordering the materials, and getting the necessary approvals and permits, it will be time to begin the construction stage. If your schedule allows, our team will be on-site Monday through Friday to guarantee timely completion.

You will also have access to your project manager 24/7. He will provide updates, and you can reach out with questions.

Our team will complete the work according to the design and plans that you’ve approved.  During construction our team will schedule and pass all required inspections. Due to our attention to detail, your project will pass all inspections without issues. 

During construction we our best job site as clean as possible. In addition 

At the end of each project we schedule a cleaning crew to remove any signs of construction. 

Remodeling and new construction don’t have to be a headache. Contact us today to get an estimate for our design build services.

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