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Walnut Creek Home Addition Contractors

As home addition experts, we streamline the process for our clients by providing experts in all stages of their projects. Our team of professionals includes architects, engineers, designers, and builders. When you use our service, you don’t have to hire individual specialists to complete the project, this improves efficiency while reducing stress.

The experts we assign to each home addition project include:

  • A project manager to oversee the project, manage details, and provide daily updates to the client
  • An architect and engineer to create plans that are functional and up to city codes
  • One to two designers to help choose materials and create 3D renderings of the project
  • A construction team, up to 15 members to follow the plans and build the new home addition

Under the project manager’s supervision, the experts work together to see the project through to completion. The project manager ensures that the teams stay on track to meet the deadlines while providing high-quality services.

The Architecture and Engineering Process

A successful home addition begins with professional architecture and engineering services. Our architects and engineers work with the client to determine their goals and vision. They inject creativity into projects while also solving problems that might arise. With their services, clients receive plans that bring their vision to life while also meeting city codes and other requirements.

Using the right architect and engineer is a vital step in having a successful project. You can avoid design and construction problems with properly created plans. Avoiding these problems will help you save money you can instead use on materials and other aspects of your home addition project.


Designing a Home Addition

Each home addition team includes one to two designers who work directly with the client to design the space. During the design stage, the team and client choose materials, colors, and fixtures. Clients always have the option to join the design team to shop for materials.

After approving the design and selecting (but not ordering) the materials, the design team creates a 3D Design rendering of the project. The designers base the rendering off the architectural drawings and the selected design elements. Clients review the 3D rendering to see what the home addition will look like upon completion. After reviewing the rendering, clients can make changes to the design. Upon approval, the design team helps the client order the materials needed for the project.

City Permits and Requirements for Home Additions

The home addition team also handles all city and jurisdictional requirements. They submit the architectural plans to get them approved so the project can begin. The team also applies for permits, schedule and passes all inspections, and handles any special requests, such as, special inspections,  geo technical reports etc.

The Construction Stage

Once the city approves the plans and permits, the construction team will begin work. The team works Monday through Friday to ensure timely completion. A project manager monitors the team and also provides the client with regular updates. The project manager also ensures that the architects, designers, engineers, and remodeling teams communicate with each other; this coordination is critical for a successful outcome.

Clients also have access to a messaging application so they can speak to each team member directly . The application is always available, so clients are encouraged to send messages whenever they have a question or want an update.